Boon & Lane Limited (Est. 1966)
Boon & Lane Limited                           (Est. 1966)

"Their creativity in conception and design has been a joy to discover...." Maria Felicia (Milliner/Speaker)

Aluminium Impressions can be made for any wood hatblock which has top markings / gutter etc

(Examples can be seen below)



Using the aluminium impressions has advantages :-


1-Quicker than normal methods of cane pinning

2-Crisper detail in the blocked hat material

3-Less wear to your wood hatblock




How to use :-


1-Prepare material to be blocked

2-Heat aluminium impression in oven (get very warm but not hot enough to scorch material)

3-Lay up material over block

4-Use hot aluminium impression to 'iron' material into markings / gutter

5-Continue to block hat in the normal way

6-If required add weight to top of impression to keep tension on the material

7-Allow hat to dry in the normal manner


Any wood crown aluminium impression £145.00 + VAT

Any wood brim aluminium impression (Please Contact Us For Quote)