Boon & Lane Limited (Est. 1966)
Boon & Lane Limited                           (Est. 1966)

Q-Why can't I see all your 9000+ shapes online?

A- We have so many designs it is not possible to view them all on site, we recommend you visit our factory showroom


Q-Why do you close so early?

A- As a foundry it is traditional to work in the cooler hours of the day, hence early opening.


Q-How do i pay for my order?

A- We take cheque/cash/credit-debit card or bank transfer


Q-I live overseas can i still get your hatblocks?

A- We ship all over the world, contact us for a current shipping quote


Q-I see you have a restricted area,  how do i enter ?

A- Contact Steve or Alan to discuss


Q-Do you close for lunch?

A-No we are open all day


Q-Is there anything worth seeing in the town?

A-Yes we have various millinery suppliers many within walking distance and a local museum featuring a hat section, make a day of it like many do.


Q-Can I park my car near your factory?

A-Yes, we usually have 2 client spaces on our factory forecourt, alternative on road parking is also available


Q-If I fly in, how far from the airport are you?

A-We are 10mins taxi ride from London/Luton International Airport


Q-I'm visiting from London using the trains, how far from the station are you ?

A-We are 5 mins walk from Luton railway station (NOT Luton Parkway)


Q-Do you warranty your hatblocks?

A-We have been in the business a very long time and are proud of our standing in the hat trade.  If you have a problem with a block contact us so we can sort it out for you.


Q-What is the 'thumbs up' symbol on some images?

A-We have selected various designs of hatblocks which are easier to use.  With a little experience almost all our designs should be within the abilities of most.