Boon & Lane Limited (Est. 1966)
Boon & Lane Limited                           (Est. 1966)

"Boon and Lane is a no.1 spot in Luton for milliners............"            Jess Collett (Milliner)

Boon & Lane Limited: high-quality manufacturing

Established in 1963 at the heart of the hat trade, Boon and Lane has been supplying hat manufacturers world-wide for over 30 years.  Situated just north of London, we produce wood and aluminium blocks for the hat industry.  Our home town of Luton is well known for making all types of hats since the 19th century.
During this time there has been many changes in the industry to test the blockmakers craft.  Fortunately the manufacturing techniques and skills have continued within the company for many years, this experience enables us to cater for all types of hat production.  We are able to supply ladies and gents styles in a variety of manufacturing methods to suit our customers needs this allows the freedom to create the exact shape and style in whichever material they choose.
Over the years we have produced over 9000 different shapes for our clients, an impossible amount to catalogue and proof of our ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of hat fashion.

Here is our modest factory unit - which produces all the wood and aluminium hat blocks, we do not out source any part of production so we are able to control all of our business

This amazing picture taken from the 1st floor looking into the workshop - as you can see its a hive of work and activity with designs being worked on

This is a very special place, our factory showroom.  Arrange to visit here and come and see the very latest, brand new unseen hatblock designs.

Being such a truly unique business and factory to visit we have been subject to interest by many independent film production companies and press organisations :-


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