Boon & Lane Limited (Est. 1966)
Boon & Lane Limited                           (Est. 1966)

Stephen Jones (International Milliner)

"Boon and Lane turn my dreams into realities............keeping the fine tradition of British Millinery on a solid foundation"

Philip Treacy OBE (Royal/International Milliner)


"I have been using Boon and Lane hatblocks for over 20 years. The quality of their products is first class and they are always helpful and friendly, particularly when dealing with those inevitable last minute requests"


Philip Somerville  (Royal Milliner ret.)


"Boon and Lane have been known to me since 1970 producing blocks for Otto Lucas and subsequently for my own salon.  I have the utmost confidence in their workmanship and professionalism which continues to this day.  Whilst I have retired from the millinery profession, I still watch with interest developments within the trade and fashion in general.  I am very happy to recommend Boon and Lane to anyone who might wish to use this famous company in the future"

John Boyd (Royal Milliner)


"I am thrilled to have blocks made by Boon and Lane, they are beautiful sculptures and works of art.  It is wonderful to see real craftsmanship and know that if you leave your design you will get perfection.  I believe they are the top blockmakers in Europe"


Roger Burgess MD (Burgess hats Ltd)


"Boon and Lane have been supplying blocks to Burgess hats Ltd for nearly 50 years. The quality of their workmanship has been first class over the many years we have traded"


Maria Felicia (Milliner / Speaker)


"Over the many years that Boon and Lane have produced blocks for me I have always found their workmanship superb. Their creativity in conception and design has been a joy to discover and they are always so helpful when it comes to my special requirements. Above all Steve and Alan are truly nice people and it is ever a pleasure to work with them"


Shirley Hex (Lecturer RCA  / Milliner / Designer)


"I have been supplied with blocks from Boon and Lane for over 40yrs, in a business and personal capacity and as a lecturer at The Royal College of Art and Design and at many universities throughout the country. The present new generation continue to maintain the same levels of excellence for which the company became reknowned under the founding fathers. A warm welcome is always at hand with Steve and Alan and I have recommended Boon and Lane to many, in particular to students who gain inspiration when viewing the big selection of blocks on display at their premises"


Nigel Rayment (International Milliner)


"I have worked with Boon and Lane for over 30yrs and couldn't run a sucessful business without their amazing flare and quality of work. Every season they bring stunning shapes that make our collections stand out from the rest.  The introduction of their hat stretcher will bring retailers the option to make any hat larger. This is a must for any retailer selling hats"


Tony Peirson MD (Ken Peirson & Son Ltd)


"We have known and dealt with Boon and Lane for almost 50yrs during which time they have been friends and suppliers. They always have delivered excellent product and service - may they long continue"

Sharon Bainbridge (Course leader Leeds College of Art & Design / Milliner)


"I am fortunate to have had blocks made by Alan and Steve at Boon and Lane as a student when I spent my prize moneys from a competition on two blocks which have been much used and cherished ever since. The moment of opening the carefully wrapped package and seeing the perfect shapes and one's own name on the block made me suddenly feel I had arrived in the wonderful world of millinery. I have bought many times since from the boys and they never disappoint with their fabulous and innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Working with the blocks in my own practice and as part of my teaching they always inspire and have the quality to be used a multitude of times as they are within the college. I highly recommend Boon and Lane to all my students and they do the same to their millinery colleagues"


Jane Smith (Theatre - Film / Milliner)


"My relations with Boon and Lane over the past 40yrs as a manufacturer or creating hats for film and theatre have always been rewarded with very special carved blocks or metal pans, all made specifically to my design"


Ian Bennett ( Milliner)


"Balance and proportion, and artform of fashion and sculpture. Elegant defined shapes and beautiful design. All these elements come together in a Boon and Lane block"


Lina Stein (Tutor / Milliner)


"In my 20yrs making hats I believe Boon and Lane are a true and rare asset to the millinery trade the world over with their great craftsmanship and professional service along with their unique understanding of how hats are made and who wears them.  Thank you for your wonderful service and for the amazing blocks that, over the years, have created, and will continue to create many wonderful and varied hats"


Dillon Wallwork (International Milliner / Tutor)


"Boon and Lane are artists in the true sense of the word, creating beautifully made blocks for the millinery trade, they are craftsmen and proud of their work"


Justin Smith Esq (International Millner)


"I have been working with Alan and Steve for many years, I truly believe, that without them, all the milliners I know, would not be able to bring their creations to life.  They are real craftsmen, with amazing skills and love for what they do and to top it all they are fantastic to work with.  In an industry that is slowly moving to C.A.D. more and more, we need to do all we can to preserve this precious tradition.  Thank you so much for all your hard work"


Sylvia Fletcher Designer (J.Lock and Co.)


"To enable me to produce couture collections to a high standard I have blocks made at Boon and Lane, their craftsmen are skilled and meticulous and provide Lock and Co with an invaluable service"


Peter Whiteley MD (Whiteley Fischer Co Ltd)


"Each season we work with Boon and Lane on new shapes for our collections who have produced our aluminium blocks for over 30 years.  Steve and Alan's creativity and craftmanship is the best in the business and their talent for innovative design is invaluable to our success"


Jess Collett (Milliner)


"Boon and Lane is a no.1 spot in Luton for milliners.  It is fascinating to see the intricate processes of a traditional and very skilled art.  The charming Steve and Alan have 100's of modern and classic shapes to choose from as well as creating blocks of your own designs.  They have an eye for detail and keep to tight deadlines.  You may leave under a thick layer of white dust but you will have a beautifully carved block that lasts forever"