Boon & Lane Limited (Est. 1966)
Boon & Lane Limited                           (Est. 1966)

Stringmark / ropeline

This is the 'V' groove found at the brim edge on wood and metal hatblocks.  The blocking cord sits neatly in the 'V' and the hat material is held tight onto the block to dry.  The edge of the finished hat is then neat for wiring/finishing.


Bando / headfitting plate / headfitting collar

Creates the headoval on your wood brim blocks.



Choice of industry ladies standard or industry gents standard.


5 piece (also known as jigsaw blocks and puzzle blocks)

Any shape where the top of the wood block is larger than the headfitting.  Centre core is removed from the blocked hat leaving the hat undamaged.



Most often seen on smaller percher shapes or caps, this is the term for the 'turn under' that creates the neat edge underneath.



Most often seen on crowns this is the 'nipped in' look when seen from the front of the crown.


Aluminium impression

Used hot to iron markings/gutters into wood hatblocks.


'East to west'

A brim shape that is more side to side than traditionally front to back.